Week 2 Q: Endless Questions

Whenever I begin to settle into my work – be it writing an essay, analyzing a film,or simply trying to get errands done – I am almost instantaneously plagued by a recurring problem: I cannot focus on one task for longer than five minutes, because an abundance of other tasks suddenly pop into my brain and shout “me me me!” The simple act of beginning a task makes my mental gears begin to whirr. It is the same with my research process. No sooner do I imagine one issue than another follows along right behind it. As such, I have several research questions I’m eager to explore:

  • When faced with an onscreen request for help, such as a petition or survey, what prompts individuals to take action? How powerful of an effect does apathy have on such users, and is this apathy different from that experienced in “real-world” encounters?
  • How has the depiction of librarians and information professionals in popular culture changed over time?  How have changing gender roles affected, or been affected by, such representations? What about the presence of race and alternate sexualities in these characters or caricatures?
  • Do users’ opinions of “future technology” affect such technology’s success? For example, does an information professional’s confidence (or lack thereof) in ebooks affect the success and/or usage of ebooks in their workplace (and possibly in the wider world)? To what extent do such professionals affect users’ opinions of such technology?

These are simply preliminary versions of the questions I would love to explore. I could list several more, but I will refrain – it might be best to focus on just these for now. Nonetheless, if you’re looking for a question to jumpstart your own research, please don’t be afraid to pick my brain! I will, however, give you a word of warning: you might be faced with more ideas than you can handle. Cavete o vos intrantes!


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